Personalisation A Top 2018 Wedding Trend

If this is the year that you tie the knot to the love of your life, congratulations! We’re sure you have everything in hand for your big day, but if you’re still in the planning stages you may want to check out some of the top wedding trends identified for this year.

The Huffington Post recently picked out some of the highlights of the latest International Wedding Trend Report, one of which is the idea of “ultra-personalisation”.

Speaking to the news provider, director of George and Smee Kate Smee explained that weddings “are becoming more intimate and personal with smaller guest numbers”.

If you’re intending to have your wedding in Paphos, this will more than likely be the case as it can be hard to organise for a large group of your friends and family to travel overseas to see you get married.

Getting married in Cyprus may be particularly important for you and your partner, either because you already have happy memories of the island, or because you want to create new memories in this most beautiful of settings.

Ms Smee added that when it comes to wedding themes, these are “catered precisely for the couple involved which makes it totally unique to them”.

In Cyprus you could opt for a gorgeous beach wedding if you’re both laid back and love the seaside, or you may want to have your ceremony in a traditional Cypriot church if you’re religious.

Aside from being able to tie the knot in a beautiful setting, there are other reasons to consider getting married abroad, not least of all the cost. With research last year showing that the average cost of weddings in the UK is on the rise, hosting your nuptials overseas could prove the perfect way to save some money and have an incredibly memorable day.

Wedding Planning Tips: What To Do When

Whether your wedding is set for early next year, or isn’t until December 2018, there are certain things you’ll need to do at various stages during the planning process.

This holds true whether you’re getting married at a local church, or are jetting off for a paradise wedding in Paphos on the beach.

Marie Claire recently shared the ultimate wedding planning checklist, covering all the big milestones you need to hit.

If you’re still a year away then you may well still be looking for venues, and trying to find suppliers for other elements of your wedding. For overseas weddings, it’s best to arrange a package that covers everything from your marriage licence and the service to a meal for you and your guests.

When you’re six months away from the big day, you should be finalising any other suppliers who aren’t included as part of the package – that might be a photographer, entertainment or decorations.

With three months to go, you should make your running order for the day, if you haven’t already, and sort out your seating plan.

In the final week before your wedding, confirming final details with your venue and wedding planner is the priority – then it’s just a case of packing your bags and making sure you don’t forget anything important before you board the plane and head to Cyprus.

If you aren’t already engaged, you never know what could happen in the coming weeks. Last month a survey by Goldsmiths jewellers found that winter is the most romantic season of the year and when proposals are most likely to happen.

‘Lose The Tux, Keep The Shoes’ – Beach Wedding Style Advice For Gents

Bridal magazines and the fashion glossies make it very easy for women to pick and choose what to wear for Cyprus beach weddings – from footwear to how to wear your hair, the ladies are well taken care of. But what about the gentlemen?

Writing for Men’s Journal, celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati has a few pointers to help the men who may feel a little lost at sea when considering their attire for a wedding somewhere hot an exotic.

Unless it is black tie, the suit can stay hanging up in the wardrobe, the expert said.

A lightweight suit made with cotton or linen with an unconstructed line is better for a beach wedding as these options are cooler. And when it comes to choosing a colour, pale greys, blues and neutrals are a good option.

Once the suit is sorted, then you can start thinking about what to put on your feet, but do not be tempted to swap a proper shoe for a flip-flop, Urbinati said.

Sandals are too casual, instead a neutral lace-up without socks is a good way to go, but avoid heavy fabrics like suede. Loafers also work well.

Finally, a touch of the formal without risking looked overdressed is to pick either a good tie or a nice pocket square – one or the other, not both.

A beach wedding indicates a more laidback dress code unless specified, but it is still a wedding, so a nod to formality in the form of a chic pocket square or a simple tie, which can be loosened in the evening, is ideal.

Would Prince Harry Prefer A Beach Wedding?

Even the Royals would be interested in Cyprus beach weddings, it has recently been suggested.

While the UK (and the rest of the world) awaits details of Prince Harry’s wedding to Megan Merkel, we suspect that Prince Harry would rather sneak away to a beach than make his vows in front of the world’s press.

So far all we know is that the happy couple are planning on eschewing Royal tradition, and instead of getting married in Westminster Abbey where Harry’s brother and parents married, will be marrying at Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle is outside of London and St. George’s Chapel, where they will eventually marry, is smaller than Westminster Abbey.

The Abbey is also where Prince Harry’s mother Princes Diana’s funeral was held, so may hold difficult memories for him.

Despite this lower key wedding for the fifth in line to the throne, there are many who think he would rather just escape to a beach somewhere.

“Harry would probably love to go away and do it in secret on a beach, probably in Africa if he was able to, however he knows that that’s one thing that he’s not going to get away with,” said ABC Royal News Contributor Victoria Murphy.

Though we may feel a bit sorry that Harry can’t really have the beach wedding he wants, you still can. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you have the Cyprus beach wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Costs On The Rise In The UK

The cost of getting married in the UK is climbing – adding yet another reason to head overseas and have the dream Cyprus wedding you’ve been hoping for.

Research conducted by found that the average amount spent on a wedding in the UK is now £27,161, the Guardian reported.

In the breakdown of the costs, hiring the wedding venue was found to be the most expensive part of organising the big day, coming in at an average of £4,354. The next biggest expense was the honeymoon at £3,630.

If you get married overseas, you could save some money on this part by staying in your idyllic beachside location after the wedding for your first week as a married couple.

The third biggest cost was for food for the wedding guests, hitting £3,353. Again, choosing somewhere like Cyprus for your wedding could help here too, as you’ll probably have a smaller guest list if you’re tying the knot on foreign shores.

In fact, the newspaper even suggested this as an option if you’re looking for a way of reducing the cost of getting married, noting that it can be considerably cheaper to have your nuptials abroad rather than in the UK.

Of course, getting married overseas will come with its own challenges, but as long as you’re prepared for all the practicalities of having a wedding outside of the UK, and are realistic about how many guests you can invite, you’ll have a wonderful wedding day to remember.

Winter ‘Most Romantic Season’

If you and your partner have been thinking about taking your relationship to the next level but have yet to actually get engaged, you may find that you’re able to start planning your Cyprus wedding early next year.

Why, you ask? Because new research from jeweller Goldsmiths has found that winter is the most romantic of the four seasons, and the time most likely for proposals to happen.

Professional Jeweller highlighted the survey, which found that a snow-filled winter’s day was the perfect choice for someone to pop the question for 60 per cent of people. It beat summer holiday or beach proposals – although that’s not to say that if you have a wintry proposal you can’t have a sultry summer beach wedding.

What’s more, Christmas Day was selected as the best day for a proposal, which means there could be plenty more couples thinking about planning their big day after December 25th.

Executive director at Goldsmiths Craig Bolton told the news provider: “We can now say beyond doubt that winter is the best time to pop the question and if you can time this to coincide with a snowy day, then even better.”

Of course, any wedding takes a lot of planning, but if you’re hoping to have your nuptials overseas you might want to get a date in the diary as soon as possible.

Among the things you need to organise early in the planning process are your budget, your wedding venue and date, and the theme for your big day.

Consider Practicalities Of Overseas Weddings

Planning your picture-perfect Cyprus beach wedding can be a lot of fun and a very romantic way to wed the love of your life. But in the excitement about the big day itself, your dress and the party with your guests, make sure you take care of the practicalities too.

Although a Cyprus-based wedding planner will be able to assist you with the legal and practical side of your nuptials, it never hurts to be aware of what your obligations are in terms of documentation and so on.

Female First recently highlighted some of the top things you should know if you’re planning to get married abroad.

Top of the list is the legalities of tying the knot in your chosen destination. A wedding planner will be able to reassure you about these points, and will ensure that your ceremony is all above board – that’s why it’s so important to get help from an organisation with local knowledge and connections, to ensure your big day goes without a hitch.

You also need to ensure you have all the right documents to arrange a marriage overseas. The website notes that this usually involves providing copies of your birth certificates, a certificate of no impediment (showing that you are free to marry) and any divorce documentation if either of you have been married before.

This side of things might not be the most fun aspect of planning your wedding, but they are all things you need to do in advance. Other things you should start thinking about now if you’re getting married next summer include setting a budget and booking your venue in good time to ensure all your guests can make travel plans for the date you want.

Nostalgia Brings Bride To Beach For Big Day

Does the stunning Cyprus coast remind you of family holidays when you were little? If so, it might be one of the reasons why you are leaning towards what Paphos wedding planners can offer you and your groom-to-be?

You wouldn’t be the only one considering a beach wedding for nostalgic reasons. Culture Map Houston recently told the story of a bride who married her boyfriend after a whirlwind romance on a favourite stretch of shoreline because of the happy memories it conjured of her childhood.

Lila Malone, who met her husband Mitchell on a blind date, knew they would marry three months after meeting when they went on a getaway to a beach she knew very well from vacations with her parents.

They then chose that beach to tie the knot, beguiled by the romance of the shore at sunset and the importance of that part of the world due to its ties to the bride’s family.

“We went for fun and a less-is-more feel. We had these beautiful palms, sand dunes and the beach around us, so we worked with that,” said the bride.

The wedding dinner was a highlight for the happy couple, who opted for lobster to feed family and friends at a local restaurant owned by family friends, who brought back the dish especially for the Malone nuptials.

If a Cyprus wedding is on the cards because it reminds you of family holidays, then consider weaving some Cypriot traditions into your day, such as serving a ceremonial bread called kouloruia at the reception, or wearing a traditional stefana head band.

Couples Urged To Boycott Butterfly Weddings

On your special day, you want everything to be beautiful – and rightly so. However, couples planning on getting hitched are being urged by conservation experts to avoid using live butterflies in their nuptials.

A growing trend towards the use of live butterflies in wedding ceremonies has been recorded in recent months, in which brides and grooms buy boxes of butterflies for their guests to release part-way through the wedding ceremony, creating a stunning airborne display.

However, the Butterfly Conservation Society is requesting that couples avoid releasing what has been termed ‘butterfly confetti’, which presents a number of risks, including an increased likelihood of spreading disease.

According to the organisation, many butterflies bred in captivity are raised in high-density cages and, as such, are more susceptible to disease. Meanwhile, some butterflies heave specific dietary habits and will not find the food they need to survive in all destinations, especially if they are not native to the location into which they are being released.

Expressing its concerns, the organisation stated: “We feel that using butterflies as confetti may encourage a dangerous attitude to wild creatures that are boxed, transported and released into areas, whatever the suitability.”

Instead, why not add beautiful touches to your wedding in other ways? Consider other factors, such as the location and how to capitalise on its most striking features.

The beach can be the perfect wedding setting, with the gently lapping waves close – additional extras often only detract from the beauty of the location. Cyprus is an ideal place for a beautiful beach wedding – take a look at our Cyprus wedding packages here.

How To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Cyprus Wedding Outfit

If you’re planning for a beautiful Paphos wedding next year, there are a number of things you’ll be thinking about, but one is undoubtedly what you’ll be wearing when you say your vows.

There’s no escaping the fact that flower crowns have been everywhere in bridal wear this year, but one wedding florist has offered brides some suggestions of how to include fresh blooms in their outfit without opting for this overused trend.

Speaking to PopSugar Australia, Christina Stembel, who runs an ethical florist in San Francisco, said that she feels that brides are looking for the next floral trend.

According to Christina, flower jewellery and bold colours are the ideas to watch. When it comes to floral jewellery, bracelets and necklaces are growing in popularity, as well as flower tiaras rather than larger flower crowns.

When it comes to flower necklaces, she explained that chokers are one of the most requested pieces she has.

“We think they’re going to get more popular because it’s just so beautiful, especially if you have kind of a plain dress; it adds so much to it,” she stated.

If you’re going to get married abroad, flower jewellery could be a great option because you can tie it into your bouquet and it can be made locally, rather than you having to worry about packing it and taking it with you.

You’re bound to have enough luggage to take as it is for your wedding, so lightening the load is always going to be helpful.

If you’ll be getting married next summer, there are a number of things you should think about now. The Huffington Post recently offered some advice of what you need to start planning this far in advance, top of the list being finalising your budget.