Top Tips For Getting Married Abroad

If you’re looking into Cyprus wedding packages at the moment and the idea of getting away from it all to get hitched overseas really appeals, make sure you do all the necessary research into your chosen destination first so you know what to expect.

If your wedding budget allows for it, try to get on a plane and visit your choice of country before deciding to get married there. That way you’ll know for certain that it’s the right one for you and you won’t have any nasty surprises when you arrive for your actual wedding.

What might be a wise idea if you are going to get married abroad is to hire a wedding planner. They’ll have the contacts and information required in your choice of country to really help you to plan the wedding of your dreams, which can be very stressful if you decide to go it alone and don’t have quite the same level of knowledge as a professional wedding planner.

Try to meet as many suppliers as you can while in the country since you probably won’t be taking your own hair stylist or makeup artist with you.

And don’t forget to take the necessary documents with you when you go over for your wedding, including your valid passports, birth certificates, parental consent if you’re under 18 and more. Always check what you need before organising your wedding to avoid bitter disappointment later down the line.

When it comes to the wedding itself, try to avoid touching down in the country a day before the wedding. You should give yourself at least three days so you have time to get everything sorted and deal with any last-minute problems that arise.

What You Need To Know To Get Married Abroad

Once you’ve found your Paphos wedding planners and know that the wedding of your dreams means getting hitched overseas, you’ll need to do a bit of research before you fly as it’s a little different to getting married at home.

Your first port of call should be the official government website, which has all sorts of helpful guidance relating to getting married abroad. First of all, you should get in touch with the local authorities in the country you plan to say your vows in so you know exactly what you need to do.

As long as you follow the official processes according to local laws, your marriage should be recognised in the UK and you shouldn’t need to register it once you get home again.

To get married in Cyprus, you’ll need to prove that you’re free to do so as the UK won’t issue certificates of no impediment for marriages taking place in Commonwealth countries.

For civil partnerships in Cyprus, you have to register at the high commission in the country. If you don’t live you need to have been there for at least 21 days in order to register the civil partnership and then you need to stay in the country for 21 days.

You also need to prove that you’re free to register a civil partnership, giving notice and signing a declaration. In order to do this you need to have been in the country for at least seven full days. Make an appointment at the high commission to give notice, which will set you back £50. You’ll also need your passports and proof that you’ve been in Cyprus for at least seven full days, such as a passport stamp.

Are These The Top Wedding Trends To Avoid?

Whether you’re planning a wedding close to home or are intending to tie the knot at a stunning Cyprus beach wedding, there are a few trends you might want to avoid – according to a number of wedding planners.

The Independent quizzed some professionals in the wedding industry in the UK about some of the trends that they want to see disappear, so you may want to have a read and steer clear of these for your nuptials.

Rustic-themed weddings were at the top of the list, with luxury wedding planner Katie Hallam explaining that her business tries to encourage couples to avoid just following popular trends because “we don’t want people to look back at their wedding photographs in years to come and think that they were just part of a particular craze”.

She added that it’s important for couples to inject some of their own personalities to their ceremony, rather than just following what’s trending on Pinterest.

Another trend to avoid is sparklers at weddings, with one planner noting that they’ve seen a bride’s dress get set alight by sparklers.

Dancing entrances are another thing to avoid, with wedding planners advising that there’s too much that can go wrong, as well as the fact that these kinds of entrances often look really corny.

One trend you might want to consider, however, is that of image mapping. This allows you to project moving images onto the walls, floor or any other surface in your venue, as well as enhancing the end effect with lighting. It could be the ideal way to add some personal touches, especially if you’re getting married overseas and don’t want to have too much to transport.

What About A Sprig Of Myrtle In Your Wedding Bouquet?

Before you set off for your weddings in Paphos, you need to make sure every box is checked and everything has been sorted so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your time away without having to stress about wedding organising.

A big decision brides will have to make is just what to have in their bouquets and even though you’re going to be sunning yourself in stunning Cyprus, you might still want to take a bit of Britain away with you as well.

The bouquet is a brilliant way of doing this, so why don’t you go all Victorian and add a bit of myrtle to your flowers before you walk down the aisle? This beautiful little flower – small, creamy-white and deliciously fragrant – was in fact a favourite of Queen Victoria’s and the plant has been featured in royal weddings since the marriage of her eldest daughter, Princess Victoria.

You’ll be in excellent company if you do decide myrtle is the flower for you – the Queen, Diana Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Cambridge all decided to include it in their bouquets as well!

Myrtle has also come to symbolise fidelity in marriage and it’s often thought it can bring good luck at weddings. Hebrews view it as a symbol of marriage, poets use it as an emblem of both love and desire, and it’s also a representation of the goddess Aphrodite.

You could even go all out and do as the Romans did, bathing in myrtle-fragranced water the night before your wedding!

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding

If you’ve got weddings in Paphos to go to this year, chances are the ceremony will be on the beach… which is a wonderful idea and something to seriously look forward to. But it does create a few problems that you might not have encountered as a wedding guest before – namely, just what exactly to wear.

You don’t want to be too formal and stuffy since you’ll be padding your way across the sand, so perhaps think about ditching the heels (unless you don’t mind walking around in bare feet during the ceremony) and opt for some classy sandals instead.

Take a look at the invitation as this will help you work out just how dressed up you need to be. Beach weddings are generally speaking a bit more relaxed than those taking place in a church or registry office, so you can get away with a little more than you might do otherwise – but you should still make sure you make an effort and dress smartly regardless.

A flowing maxi dress is a great option because it’s a smart enough look to pull off at a wedding but will suit the beach to a tee as well. Something in big, bright colours would be perfect, although go for black if you want to – just look out for something with floral designs if you want to stick to your signature colour.

Don’t be put off from raising your hems a little either, though. Shorter dresses work really well for beach weddings because you don’t get sand and surf in your skirt – so something like a tea dress would be a good choice as well.

Image Mapping – A Top Trend For Weddings This Year

The wedding scene is constantly evolving and changing, with trends coming and going on a regular basis. As brides and grooms, it can be difficult keeping up with everything and as soon as you’ve decided on one thing, something else comes along that you like even more. How are you supposed to make any decisions whatsoever?

A key piece of advice to help you with your decision-making is to come up with a theme, however big or small, and stick to it doggedly. You’ll find that this really does help you make certain choices – but that’s not to say you should ignore all incoming trends altogether.

One of the biggest trends for weddings in 2017 has to be image mapping – something that would tie in perfectly with any ceremony, since you can use it with your own photos and ideas to really tie your wedding together.

This is a new kind of projection technology that will allow you to use lighting and moving images to transform your venue, cake, the walls, the dancefloor… whatever you like. The only limit is your imagination!

And another very real benefit of this kind of tech is that you could use it in place of decorations and flowers to a certain extent – saving you lots of money into the bargain. If you’re planning on having Cyprus beach weddings this year or next, why not look into this as an option for decorating your venue?

It would certainly be easier than organising lots of flowers and could help limit what could potentially go wrong on your special day.

Poundland Launches Wedding Stationery – For £1!

Keeping costs down wherever possible when you’re throwing a wedding is a top priority for all brides and grooms, whether they’re planning Cyprus beach weddings or having a homegrown affair.

Wedding stationery and accoutrements can be hugely costly, especially if you’re going to be inviting lots of friends and family – but now there’s a way to keep everything to a minimum, thanks to Poundland!

According to Metro, the budget shop will be rolling out its own wedding range on June 12th with all sorts of extras (including planners, bunting, shabby chic signs and bouquets) selling for £1 each.

You’re sure to find something you like in the collection and could save yourself a pretty penny indeed, leaving you lots of money left over to spend on your wedding breakfast and champagne for the guests instead.

Trading director of the company Barry Williams was quoted by the news source as saying: “Wedding days can end up costing an absolute fortune and because we’re a nation of savvy shoppers who love a bargain, it’s no surprise that more people are looking to save money on their big day.”

So how else can you keep costs down and still have the wedding of your dreams? Engaging in a bit of DIY could be a good idea and you could even involve friends and family to help you get it all done.

What about making your own wedding favours like biscuits or little jars of jam? Or you could go foraging in local forests and woodlands to make your own bouquets and buttonholes. The only limit is your imagination!

5 Traditional Cypriot Wedding Traditions To Include

When you hire Paphos wedding planners, make sure you ask them about the history of where you’re going to be getting hitched, as it might be nice to consider incorporating a few local traditions into your ceremony. Here are a few Cypriot traditions that might work with what you’ve got planned.


One of the highlights of any Cypriot wedding has to be the food, something all guests look forward to. If you want to give a nod to where you’re getting married, consider handing out sugared almonds to your guests as they leave the church or use ceremonial bread at the reception, known as kouloruia.

Red scarves

On the day of the wedding, once the bride is in her finery and ready to head off to get married, her parents and bridesmaids wrap a red scarf around her waist to symbolise her virginity, with musicians on hand to play lots of traditional wedding songs.

Ceremonial headbands

At traditional weddings, the chief bridesmaid places a ceremonial headband known as a stefana on the bride’s head. The headband itself is usually made from olive branches, vines, lemon leaves, jewels and gold. The best man will also do something similar with the groom.

Pinning the money

Here’s a fun one! Partway through the reception, the happy couple hit the dancefloor to have their first dance as newlyweds – and as they do, guests have the chance to pin money to their clothes to help them pay the wedding off and start their new lives debt-free.


Another easy tradition to incorporate are cookies made from flour, butter and semolina, and filled with delicious nuts like pistachios and almonds. Why don’t you get your bridesmaids and flower girls to hand them out to your guests?