Personalisation A Top 2018 Wedding Trend

If this is the year that you tie the knot to the love of your life, congratulations! We’re sure you have everything in hand for your big day, but if you’re still in the planning stages you may want to check out some of the top wedding trends identified for this year.

The Huffington Post recently picked out some of the highlights of the latest International Wedding Trend Report, one of which is the idea of “ultra-personalisation”.

Speaking to the news provider, director of George and Smee Kate Smee explained that weddings “are becoming more intimate and personal with smaller guest numbers”.

If you’re intending to have your wedding in Paphos, this will more than likely be the case as it can be hard to organise for a large group of your friends and family to travel overseas to see you get married.

Getting married in Cyprus may be particularly important for you and your partner, either because you already have happy memories of the island, or because you want to create new memories in this most beautiful of settings.

Ms Smee added that when it comes to wedding themes, these are “catered precisely for the couple involved which makes it totally unique to them”.

In Cyprus you could opt for a gorgeous beach wedding if you’re both laid back and love the seaside, or you may want to have your ceremony in a traditional Cypriot church if you’re religious.

Aside from being able to tie the knot in a beautiful setting, there are other reasons to consider getting married abroad, not least of all the cost. With research last year showing that the average cost of weddings in the UK is on the rise, hosting your nuptials overseas could prove the perfect way to save some money and have an incredibly memorable day.

Wedding Planning Tips: What To Do When

Whether your wedding is set for early next year, or isn’t until December 2018, there are certain things you’ll need to do at various stages during the planning process.

This holds true whether you’re getting married at a local church, or are jetting off for a paradise wedding in Paphos on the beach.

Marie Claire recently shared the ultimate wedding planning checklist, covering all the big milestones you need to hit.

If you’re still a year away then you may well still be looking for venues, and trying to find suppliers for other elements of your wedding. For overseas weddings, it’s best to arrange a package that covers everything from your marriage licence and the service to a meal for you and your guests.

When you’re six months away from the big day, you should be finalising any other suppliers who aren’t included as part of the package – that might be a photographer, entertainment or decorations.

With three months to go, you should make your running order for the day, if you haven’t already, and sort out your seating plan.

In the final week before your wedding, confirming final details with your venue and wedding planner is the priority – then it’s just a case of packing your bags and making sure you don’t forget anything important before you board the plane and head to Cyprus.

If you aren’t already engaged, you never know what could happen in the coming weeks. Last month a survey by Goldsmiths jewellers found that winter is the most romantic season of the year and when proposals are most likely to happen.