Wedding Floral Trends for 2018

One concern you might have before you think about weddings in Paphos is what your flowers will be like, but working with our organisers we’re sure to deliver something to fit your brief. And, according to these new wedding floral trends for 2018 from the Metro, the type of flowers used isn’t so much key as the way they’re styled.


Fragrant bouquets

Don’t just think about your flowers visually – scent is becoming an ever more important part of the big day. The scent you choose will have strong memories attached, always reminding you of this most special of days. Don’t just limit it to flowers too – aromatic herbs are becoming more popular in bouquets too, like rustic rosemary and thyme.



Incorporating other materials in a bouquet and boutonnière can be a nice way to add some character to your wedding flowers. The likes of pheasant feathers have a beautiful rustic look that will compliment a neutral bouquet.


Dried flowers

While you may not want a bouquet made entirely of dried flowers, among fresh ones, they can add texture and interest. It would suit a bohemian-style Greek wedding perfectly, and what’s better, if there’s a certain flower you want to include symbolically in your wedding abroad, drying them out first makes transporting them a lot easier.


Natural look

A less rigidly constructed, ‘natural’ look of bouquet has been a popular trend of late. Pick wild-style flowers and foliage in asymmetric bouquets to achieve the look, embracing olive branches and eucalyptus for a less intense green hue.

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