What Desserts Will You Serve At A Cyprus Wedding?

When you’re planning your Cyprus wedding you’ll have a host of things to choose, just like any wedding ceremony in the UK. Although you may have the venue and date organised, you’ll still need to consider decor, guest lists and food.

If you’re tying the knot overseas you’re already breaking with tradition and this might be a theme that runs through the rest of your special day. In fact, many couples are turning their backs on what’s considered traditional at weddings in favour of something that better represents their personalities.

And it doesn’t have to be any different when it comes to the food you serve on your big day – and specifically the desserts. While a wedding cake might be typical, that doesn’t mean you need to have one for your beach wedding.

In fact, a recent post by Style Caster shared some of the top wedding dessert trends – a couple of which could be ideal for nuptials overseas.

One is the rise of ice cream cones, with guests able to choose their own toppings for their cool and refreshing sweet treat.

Another of the trends identified by the website was rose-inspired treats, and these could be a particularly good choice in Cyprus. Rose water is used to flavour desserts in Cyprus, as well as elsewhere in the Mediterranean, so you could introduce a local twist to your wedding food with this flavour.

Mahalebi is a traditional Cypriot dessert that’s served with chilled rose water and sugar, or a rose cordial syrup poured over the top, food blog Kopiaste revealed.

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