What Desserts Will You Serve At A Cyprus Wedding?

When you’re planning your Cyprus wedding you’ll have a host of things to choose, just like any wedding ceremony in the UK. Although you may have the venue and date organised, you’ll still need to consider decor, guest lists and food.

If you’re tying the knot overseas you’re already breaking with tradition and this might be a theme that runs through the rest of your special day. In fact, many couples are turning their backs on what’s considered traditional at weddings in favour of something that better represents their personalities.

And it doesn’t have to be any different when it comes to the food you serve on your big day – and specifically the desserts. While a wedding cake might be typical, that doesn’t mean you need to have one for your beach wedding.

In fact, a recent post by Style Caster shared some of the top wedding dessert trends – a couple of which could be ideal for nuptials overseas.

One is the rise of ice cream cones, with guests able to choose their own toppings for their cool and refreshing sweet treat.

Another of the trends identified by the website was rose-inspired treats, and these could be a particularly good choice in Cyprus. Rose water is used to flavour desserts in Cyprus, as well as elsewhere in the Mediterranean, so you could introduce a local twist to your wedding food with this flavour.

Mahalebi is a traditional Cypriot dessert that’s served with chilled rose water and sugar, or a rose cordial syrup poured over the top, food blog Kopiaste revealed.

Top Things To Consider If You Choose A Destination Wedding

If you’ve recently got engaged and would prefer to jet off to have a Cyprus wedding rather than staying in your home country there are a few things to think about, however, having a destination wedding will make this day all the more special.

New Now Next recently spoke to destination wedding expert Michael Radolinski to get his advice about what’s involved in planning this kind of ceremony.

He started by explaining why a destination wedding is such a special way to celebrate your marriage, noting that the ceremony and reception “can feel like a highlight to an incredible and memorable multi-day experience, rather than a fleeting moment in time”.

The first thing to consider when choosing your ideal place for your wedding ceremony is that it communicates something about you and your relationship.

Once you’ve sorted that out, you need to think of some of the practicalities, particularly your guests’ experiences. You want to make travelling to and from your chosen location as easy as possible – and affordable.

That’s why Cyprus is such a great option for couples in the UK, because flights aren’t too long and are also affordable.

Another of Mr Radolinski’s top tips is to check that there is accommodation available at a range of price points, to ensure that as many of your friends and family as possible are able to afford the trip.

He added that there can be communication issues if you’re trying to organise your wedding remotely, which is why a wedding planner can be invaluable – especially if you don’t speak the local language.

If you have your heart set on a Cyprus wedding, make sure you think carefully about what time of year you’d like to plan your nuptials for. Winter can be a bit too chilly for an outdoor wedding, but in the height of summer you’ll have to contend with temperatures that could be uncomfortably hot. Spring and autumn are typically better times of year for a beach wedding.

Wedding Costs On The Rise In The UK

The cost of getting married in the UK is climbing – adding yet another reason to head overseas and have the dream Cyprus wedding you’ve been hoping for.

Research conducted by Hitched.co.uk found that the average amount spent on a wedding in the UK is now £27,161, the Guardian reported.

In the breakdown of the costs, hiring the wedding venue was found to be the most expensive part of organising the big day, coming in at an average of £4,354. The next biggest expense was the honeymoon at £3,630.

If you get married overseas, you could save some money on this part by staying in your idyllic beachside location after the wedding for your first week as a married couple.

The third biggest cost was for food for the wedding guests, hitting £3,353. Again, choosing somewhere like Cyprus for your wedding could help here too, as you’ll probably have a smaller guest list if you’re tying the knot on foreign shores.

In fact, the newspaper even suggested this as an option if you’re looking for a way of reducing the cost of getting married, noting that it can be considerably cheaper to have your nuptials abroad rather than in the UK.

Of course, getting married overseas will come with its own challenges, but as long as you’re prepared for all the practicalities of having a wedding outside of the UK, and are realistic about how many guests you can invite, you’ll have a wonderful wedding day to remember.

Winter ‘Most Romantic Season’

If you and your partner have been thinking about taking your relationship to the next level but have yet to actually get engaged, you may find that you’re able to start planning your Cyprus wedding early next year.

Why, you ask? Because new research from jeweller Goldsmiths has found that winter is the most romantic of the four seasons, and the time most likely for proposals to happen.

Professional Jeweller highlighted the survey, which found that a snow-filled winter’s day was the perfect choice for someone to pop the question for 60 per cent of people. It beat summer holiday or beach proposals – although that’s not to say that if you have a wintry proposal you can’t have a sultry summer beach wedding.

What’s more, Christmas Day was selected as the best day for a proposal, which means there could be plenty more couples thinking about planning their big day after December 25th.

Executive director at Goldsmiths Craig Bolton told the news provider: “We can now say beyond doubt that winter is the best time to pop the question and if you can time this to coincide with a snowy day, then even better.”

Of course, any wedding takes a lot of planning, but if you’re hoping to have your nuptials overseas you might want to get a date in the diary as soon as possible.

Among the things you need to organise early in the planning process are your budget, your wedding venue and date, and the theme for your big day.