More Brides Opting For The Natural Look

When it comes to getting married there’s a lot to think about and one of the things that brides might be worrying about is how to get the perfect makeup. This might be something you’re particularly concerned about if you’re not the kind of person who usually wears much makeup either.

However, the latest Pinterest wedding report shows that an increasing number of brides are opting for the natural look when they walk down the aisle.

Among the makeup items with the biggest increase in searches on the site were lip gloss – up 459 per cent in the last year – and barely-there shine, up 343 per cent in the same period.

Messy updos also seem to be the go-to hairstyle, with searches for this term climbing by 1247 per cent in the last year. All of this is good news if you’re planning a Cyprus beach wedding, as there will be loads of inspiration out there for your big day.

And let’s face it, if you’re getting married with your feet in the sand and the sun shining down, you’re probably not going to want to be wearing tons of makeup.

Pinterest also noted that, when it comes to bridal outfits, comfort appears to be a priority, with searches for jumpsuits, sleeves and flat shoes all up on last year.

For grooms, a more casual approach to wedding attire seems to be taking over as well, with searches for tie-free ensembles up by 459 per cent in the same period.

Meanwhile, Brides magazine recently shared the top wedding trends for 2018 as predicted by the Joy app in the US.

One of the things it said we can expect is a more unplugged approach to weddings – that means asking guests not to take photos during the ceremony or at key moments in the day, instead letting the official photographer get all the best shots and angles.

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