Top Wedding Trends Of The Year Revealed

If you’re in the midst of planning a Cyprus beach wedding, you probably have a fair idea of how your big day is going to go already. But there might be some small details you’re undecided about, so it never hurts to take a look at some of the top trends to get some inspiration.

Pinterest, which is well known for picking up the latest trends, has released its 2017 Wedding Trends Report, which looks at everything from bridal hairstyles and makeup to the food and drink offered to guests.

The good news if you’re planning a wedding overseas is that natural hairstyles are back in vogue, which means no need for lots of faffy equipment and accessories to get your hair looking just right. Natural curls and waves, adorned with the odd flower, is the way to go – perfect for a relaxed beach wedding.

According to the website, weddings are about “personalization and having fun” this year, with couples being more adventurous when they plan their big day.

This was apparent when it comes to the food and drink served, and especially in terms of pairings. Sliders with shots of beer or oysters served with sparkling wine samples were among the examples.

If you’re getting married in Cyprus, you could seek out some local dishes to give your guests a flavour of the island. According to The Culture Trip, halloumi, stuffed vine leaves, bamies (which is okra in tomato sauce) and Cypriot loukoumades are among the ten best foods on the island.

What’s The Best Time Of Year To Get Married?

If you are already planning your Cyprus beach wedding you may be wondering when the best time is to get married in Cyprus.

Here we weigh up some of the pros and cons for you.


Pros: This is the loveliest time of year in Cyprus. The weather is just right, often in the mid 20s, and the flowers are all out and may be cheaper for you to buy. This time of year is perfect for photographs.

Cons: The weather may still be a little chilly and the sea may still be too cold to swim in for some.


Pros: Everyone is on holiday, this is traditional wedding season. You are absolutely guaranteed some great weather on your wedding day.

Cons: This is the hottest season of the year, and may even prove a little too hot for some. Think about whether or not your dream wedding dress will be bearable in 35 degree heat, or how long your chocolate wedding cake will last, before you make any firm decisions on what you want to do on your day.


Pros: The sea will have warmed up which means even the coldest fish will want to go in for a dip. The weather will be a little cooler, and the food and vegetables will be at their peak so this is the perfect time for a barbeque at the beach-style wedding.

Cons: Everyone will have gone back to work, and be feeling a little blue.

Still can’t decide? Check out FemaleFirst where they sum up summer and winter weddings.

Are These The Top Wedding Trends To Avoid?

Whether you’re planning a wedding close to home or are intending to tie the knot at a stunning Cyprus beach wedding, there are a few trends you might want to avoid – according to a number of wedding planners.

The Independent quizzed some professionals in the wedding industry in the UK about some of the trends that they want to see disappear, so you may want to have a read and steer clear of these for your nuptials.

Rustic-themed weddings were at the top of the list, with luxury wedding planner Katie Hallam explaining that her business tries to encourage couples to avoid just following popular trends because “we don’t want people to look back at their wedding photographs in years to come and think that they were just part of a particular craze”.

She added that it’s important for couples to inject some of their own personalities to their ceremony, rather than just following what’s trending on Pinterest.

Another trend to avoid is sparklers at weddings, with one planner noting that they’ve seen a bride’s dress get set alight by sparklers.

Dancing entrances are another thing to avoid, with wedding planners advising that there’s too much that can go wrong, as well as the fact that these kinds of entrances often look really corny.

One trend you might want to consider, however, is that of image mapping. This allows you to project moving images onto the walls, floor or any other surface in your venue, as well as enhancing the end effect with lighting. It could be the ideal way to add some personal touches, especially if you’re getting married overseas and don’t want to have too much to transport.