‘Lose The Tux, Keep The Shoes’ – Beach Wedding Style Advice For Gents

Bridal magazines and the fashion glossies make it very easy for women to pick and choose what to wear for Cyprus beach weddings – from footwear to how to wear your hair, the ladies are well taken care of. But what about the gentlemen?

Writing for Men’s Journal, celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati has a few pointers to help the men who may feel a little lost at sea when considering their attire for a wedding somewhere hot an exotic.

Unless it is black tie, the suit can stay hanging up in the wardrobe, the expert said.

A lightweight suit made with cotton or linen with an unconstructed line is better for a beach wedding as these options are cooler. And when it comes to choosing a colour, pale greys, blues and neutrals are a good option.

Once the suit is sorted, then you can start thinking about what to put on your feet, but do not be tempted to swap a proper shoe for a flip-flop, Urbinati said.

Sandals are too casual, instead a neutral lace-up without socks is a good way to go, but avoid heavy fabrics like suede. Loafers also work well.

Finally, a touch of the formal without risking looked overdressed is to pick either a good tie or a nice pocket square – one or the other, not both.

A beach wedding indicates a more laidback dress code unless specified, but it is still a wedding, so a nod to formality in the form of a chic pocket square or a simple tie, which can be loosened in the evening, is ideal.

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