Trends That Are Perfect For Beach Weddings

If you’re going to be tying the knot at a stunning beach ceremony in Cyprus this summer, you’ll no doubt be in the final stages of planning for your big day.

A recent article for Viva Glam Magazine highlighted some top wedding trends for this summer, and we think a few of them are just perfect for the more relaxed atmosphere you find at Cyprus beach weddings.

For brides, there has been a definite shift towards comfort over sexiness, the news provider noted. That means swapping stilettos in favour of flat shoes and making other subtle changes to ensure you’re comfortable for your big day.

If you’re getting married on a beach, stilettos are far from practical, and with this trend growing it means more and more brides will be able to find the perfect shoes to wear for their wedding.

Men aren’t left out either – another top trend is for grooms to wear an outfit without a tie. In warmer weather this will certainly be preferable and again it fits in well with the relaxed vibes of a beach wedding.

Other bridal wear trends to watch out for include capes as an alternative to veils and backdrop necklaces, which are the perfect accessory to pair with a backless dress.

All of these more casual or quirky trends lend themselves well to weddings in alternative venues. A growing number of couples are choosing to tie the knot in outdoor ceremonies, Cosmopolitan pointed out earlier this year, so it’s unlikely that these trends will be going anywhere soon.

Wedding Dress Trends To Watch This Year

If you’re going to be tying the knot to the love of your life on a sun-kissed beach in Cyprus this summer, you may still be looking for the perfect outfit to wear to your wedding.

As the bride, there are a host of options out there – but we think some of the new trends emerging in bridal wear are ideal for Cyprus beach weddings.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, celebrity designer Mark Zunino gave his top picks of wedding dress trends for the coming year. Among them is dresses that feature a detachable overskirt.

The idea being that you can walk down the aisle in a ballgown, but remove the puffy skirt once the official ceremony is over to dance the night away with your friends and family (and new husband) in something a little more comfortable. If you’re having your wedding at the beach, this could help you tick the formal and relaxed boxes in one go.

Another top trend to watch is that of patterned wedding dresses, which work particularly well in non-traditional settings.

Zunino’s top tip is to keep the print delicate and have it on a white or pale background, so that you still keep the bridal feel.

Colour in bridal wear is growing in popularity too, with more and more brides picking pink or blush coloured gowns.

We also highlighted some of the top trends for bridesmaid outfits recently, which include the growing popularity of black bridesmaid dresses, and a shift away from dresses to separate skirts and tops.

‘Lose The Tux, Keep The Shoes’ – Beach Wedding Style Advice For Gents

Bridal magazines and the fashion glossies make it very easy for women to pick and choose what to wear for Cyprus beach weddings – from footwear to how to wear your hair, the ladies are well taken care of. But what about the gentlemen?

Writing for Men’s Journal, celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati has a few pointers to help the men who may feel a little lost at sea when considering their attire for a wedding somewhere hot an exotic.

Unless it is black tie, the suit can stay hanging up in the wardrobe, the expert said.

A lightweight suit made with cotton or linen with an unconstructed line is better for a beach wedding as these options are cooler. And when it comes to choosing a colour, pale greys, blues and neutrals are a good option.

Once the suit is sorted, then you can start thinking about what to put on your feet, but do not be tempted to swap a proper shoe for a flip-flop, Urbinati said.

Sandals are too casual, instead a neutral lace-up without socks is a good way to go, but avoid heavy fabrics like suede. Loafers also work well.

Finally, a touch of the formal without risking looked overdressed is to pick either a good tie or a nice pocket square – one or the other, not both.

A beach wedding indicates a more laidback dress code unless specified, but it is still a wedding, so a nod to formality in the form of a chic pocket square or a simple tie, which can be loosened in the evening, is ideal.

Would Prince Harry Prefer A Beach Wedding?

Even the Royals would be interested in Cyprus beach weddings, it has recently been suggested.

While the UK (and the rest of the world) awaits details of Prince Harry’s wedding to Megan Merkel, we suspect that Prince Harry would rather sneak away to a beach than make his vows in front of the world’s press.

So far all we know is that the happy couple are planning on eschewing Royal tradition, and instead of getting married in Westminster Abbey where Harry’s brother and parents married, will be marrying at Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle is outside of London and St. George’s Chapel, where they will eventually marry, is smaller than Westminster Abbey.

The Abbey is also where Prince Harry’s mother Princes Diana’s funeral was held, so may hold difficult memories for him.

Despite this lower key wedding for the fifth in line to the throne, there are many who think he would rather just escape to a beach somewhere.

“Harry would probably love to go away and do it in secret on a beach, probably in Africa if he was able to, however he knows that that’s one thing that he’s not going to get away with,” said ABC Royal News Contributor Victoria Murphy.

Though we may feel a bit sorry that Harry can’t really have the beach wedding he wants, you still can. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you have the Cyprus beach wedding of your dreams.

Image Mapping – A Top Trend For Weddings This Year

The wedding scene is constantly evolving and changing, with trends coming and going on a regular basis. As brides and grooms, it can be difficult keeping up with everything and as soon as you’ve decided on one thing, something else comes along that you like even more. How are you supposed to make any decisions whatsoever?

A key piece of advice to help you with your decision-making is to come up with a theme, however big or small, and stick to it doggedly. You’ll find that this really does help you make certain choices – but that’s not to say you should ignore all incoming trends altogether.

One of the biggest trends for weddings in 2017 has to be image mapping – something that would tie in perfectly with any ceremony, since you can use it with your own photos and ideas to really tie your wedding together.

This is a new kind of projection technology that will allow you to use lighting and moving images to transform your venue, cake, the walls, the dancefloor… whatever you like. The only limit is your imagination!

And another very real benefit of this kind of tech is that you could use it in place of decorations and flowers to a certain extent – saving you lots of money into the bargain. If you’re planning on having Cyprus beach weddings this year or next, why not look into this as an option for decorating your venue?

It would certainly be easier than organising lots of flowers and could help limit what could potentially go wrong on your special day.