Image Mapping – A Top Trend For Weddings This Year

The wedding scene is constantly evolving and changing, with trends coming and going on a regular basis. As brides and grooms, it can be difficult keeping up with everything and as soon as you’ve decided on one thing, something else comes along that you like even more. How are you supposed to make any decisions whatsoever?

A key piece of advice to help you with your decision-making is to come up with a theme, however big or small, and stick to it doggedly. You’ll find that this really does help you make certain choices – but that’s not to say you should ignore all incoming trends altogether.

One of the biggest trends for weddings in 2017 has to be image mapping – something that would tie in perfectly with any ceremony, since you can use it with your own photos and ideas to really tie your wedding together.

This is a new kind of projection technology that will allow you to use lighting and moving images to transform your venue, cake, the walls, the dancefloor… whatever you like. The only limit is your imagination!

And another very real benefit of this kind of tech is that you could use it in place of decorations and flowers to a certain extent – saving you lots of money into the bargain. If you’re planning on having Cyprus beach weddings this year or next, why not look into this as an option for decorating your venue?

It would certainly be easier than organising lots of flowers and could help limit what could potentially go wrong on your special day.

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