Wedding Ceremony Venues & Wedding Reception Venues

The Paphos region boasts an incredible array of venues perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The diversity is extensive—so much so that listing them all would only make your decision more challenging! However, to provide a starting point, here’s a glimpse of some options for both civil and religious ceremonies, along with a selection of our favorite venues.

We’re meticulous in selecting the venues we present, ensuring they meet our exacting standards. If your dream venue isn’t among those listed, don’t worry—we’re more than happy to assist in exploring alternative options if feasible. Your vision is paramount, and we’re here to help make it a reality.

The Wedding Ceremony

You have the choice between a civil wedding ceremony, officiated by one of the Town Hall Registrars, or opting for a Catholic or Anglican Church ceremony. Catholic couples are required to have both a civil ceremony for legal purposes and a Catholic wedding can only take place in a church.

Anglican ceremonies provide flexibility; they can be held at the two churches, private chapels within hotel grounds, or at selected hotels and other venues at the discretion of the church. Notably, all wedding ceremonies are conducted in English, and Anglican weddings in Cyprus do not require Banns to be posted.

In recent developments, Cyprus has legalized single-sex marriages, allowing us to extend our services to offer single-sex civil partnerships. The ceremony for civil partnerships must occur at the District Office, with the reception held at a venue of your choice.

Symbolic Ceremonies

For couples who opt to formalise their legal marriage elsewhere or for single-sex couples who have already undergone a civil partnership but desire to commemorate their union in Cyprus, we can offer the option of a Symbolic Ceremony. This personalised ceremony can be conducted in any venue except a church, offering you the opportunity to craft your own vows and create a deeply personal experience. Following the symbolic ceremony, you can proceed with a complete wedding reception.

This option presents a more cost-effective choice compared to civil or church ceremonies as it excludes marriage license fees or additional registrar charges. It allows you to celebrate your union in a meaningful and tailored manner without the formalities of legal obligations.

A Selection of Wedding & Reception Venues

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