What About A Sprig Of Myrtle In Your Wedding Bouquet?

Before you set off for your weddings in Paphos, you need to make sure every box is checked and everything has been sorted so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your time away without having to stress about wedding organising.

A big decision brides will have to make is just what to have in their bouquets and even though you’re going to be sunning yourself in stunning Cyprus, you might still want to take a bit of Britain away with you as well.

The bouquet is a brilliant way of doing this, so why don’t you go all Victorian and add a bit of myrtle to your flowers before you walk down the aisle? This beautiful little flower – small, creamy-white and deliciously fragrant – was in fact a favourite of Queen Victoria’s and the plant has been featured in royal weddings since the marriage of her eldest daughter, Princess Victoria.

You’ll be in excellent company if you do decide myrtle is the flower for you – the Queen, Diana Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Cambridge all decided to include it in their bouquets as well!

Myrtle has also come to symbolise fidelity in marriage and it’s often thought it can bring good luck at weddings. Hebrews view it as a symbol of marriage, poets use it as an emblem of both love and desire, and it’s also a representation of the goddess Aphrodite.

You could even go all out and do as the Romans did, bathing in myrtle-fragranced water the night before your wedding!

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