What To Wear To A Beach Wedding

If you’ve got weddings in Paphos to go to this year, chances are the ceremony will be on the beach… which is a wonderful idea and something to seriously look forward to. But it does create a few problems that you might not have encountered as a wedding guest before – namely, just what exactly to wear.

You don’t want to be too formal and stuffy since you’ll be padding your way across the sand, so perhaps think about ditching the heels (unless you don’t mind walking around in bare feet during the ceremony) and opt for some classy sandals instead.

Take a look at the invitation as this will help you work out just how dressed up you need to be. Beach weddings are generally speaking a bit more relaxed than those taking place in a church or registry office, so you can get away with a little more than you might do otherwise – but you should still make sure you make an effort and dress smartly regardless.

A flowing maxi dress is a great option because it’s a smart enough look to pull off at a wedding but will suit the beach to a tee as well. Something in big, bright colours would be perfect, although go for black if you want to – just look out for something with floral designs if you want to stick to your signature colour.

Don’t be put off from raising your hems a little either, though. Shorter dresses work really well for beach weddings because you don’t get sand and surf in your skirt – so something like a tea dress would be a good choice as well.

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