Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Congratulations on your engagement, now you have the exciting task of planning your wedding. It can seem daunting trying to organise as wedding in a foreign country but we are here to make this as straightforward and stress free as we can so come and have a browse through our lovely new 2021 Wedding Planning Brochure – this is the exciting start to your wedding planning journey with us.

PWC Brochuresm 2021

Tailor Made Wedding Services

Our speciality is the organisation of bespoke weddings, ensuring your wedding is unique and exactly what you want, down to the last detail. We are an independent company and not affiliated to any hotels or tour operators therefore we can arrange pretty much any sort of Cyprus wedding in any venue of your choice working closely with you to make your dream wedding day come true. We break the planning process into a series of steps shown below.

Initial Enquiry

The first thing to do is complete our enquiry
form on the contacts page of this website, put
in as little or much detail as you like.

We will send you an email back with some
information about us, a fairly detailed ques
tionnaire and also links to our online general
brochure & decorations brochure.

The questionnaire is a Microsoft Word docu-
ment, if you don‘t have Word or would rather
complete the questionnaire on your phone or
lpad let us know and we will send you an email
format questionnaire.

If you would rather discuss your requirements
over the phone we are quite happy to give you
a call.

Please complete the questionnaire with as
much detail as you can at this stage although
we fully understand that you may not have too
much of an idea about what you want!

Sample Plans

When we receive your questionnaire we will
work out some no obligation wedding plans
with prices for you.

A selection of plans will be emailed to you
together with detailed brochures of the sug-
gested venues. we will always try to fit within
your budget as long as it is realistic.
Take your time to go through them and think
about whether they are what you want.
Email or call us if you have any questions or
want to make changes to the plans, This may
result in quite a few emails going back and

Please give us feedback on the plans – they
take quite a lot of time and effort to work out
and it is very disheartening if we don’t hear
back from you. If you decide not to book with
us please tell us why so we can improve our
services if applicable.

Things to Consider

There is a lot to think about when booking a
wedding abroad.

Many brides like to come and view the venues
to be sure they are happy with them, we will
be pleased to meet you and show you around.
The time of year – the peak wedding season is
from April through to October. Bear in mind
the weather is very hot during July & August.
Consider the heat & sunset time when booking.

Most weddings take place after 2pm.
Wedding dress & groom clothing- take the
heat into account, you want to enjoy the day
not spend it wishing you had chosen
something cooler!

Don’t get too obsessed with the fine details
getting married is the most important factor!

Venue Selection

Once you are happy with the plan of your
wedding let us know which venue you would
like for the ceremony and reception.

Give us the preferred date and time for your
wedding together with a second date in case
the first date is already booked.

We will contact the venues to check availability
make provisional bookings for you.

We can normally confirm availability within
24 to 48 hours, we do not charge you for
making a quick booking like some do.

If you are having a church wedding we will
contact the Church Office to confirm the
ceremony and venue.

We will contact the marriage officer at the
relevant Town Hall to book the registrar for a
civil ceremony.

If you are having a church wedding we will
contact the Church Office to confirm the
ceremony and venue.

We try to do this as quickly as possible. often
we can let you know straight away, & in most
cases we can confirm availability within 2
working days.


When you give us the go-ahead we will confirm
the bookings with the venues, registrar or
church. We will prepare a detailed confirmation pack to
send to you in the post.

This will contain a letter detailing the wedding
plan we have booked for you, our contract and
an invoice for the deposit payment. The price
in the letter will be based on the information
supplied by you.

You will also receive a Final Bridal Checklist.
the Wedding License Application Form,
Sample Statutory Declaration Forms for your
solicitor, menus for the reception venue,
church information if you are having a religious
wedding and account forms for CaxtonFX if
you would like to pay by this method.

Please keep your pack safe as you will need to
refer to it in the coming months.


As soon as you receive your confirmation pack
in the post you will need to pay a non refund-
able 500 Euro deposit to secure your booking.
Some venues make request a larger deposit.
we will inform you if this applies.
We expect you to have paid 40% of the total
cost of the wedding about 6 months before
your wedding date.
The final payment should be made in cleared
funds no later than 2 weeks before the

You can pay us either by international bank
transfer, or via CaxtonFX. They are aregulated
foreign currency specialist & you generally get
a better exchange rate than through the high
street banks. TransferWise is also a good option.

We also accept the initial deposit payment via PayPal.

We do not currently accept credit cards as the
merchant fees here are very high, this would
increase the cost of all our weddings.
CaxtonFX accepts cards.

Confirmation of Final Details

Most brides make changes to the original plan
in the period leading up to the wedding, it is
rare for the final number of guests to be the
same as the original estimate.

Complete and email your Final Bridal Checklist
as soon as you have decided on all the details
this should be sent no later than 6 weeks
before the wedding.

We will calculate the final cost of the wedding
from this list. The price may increase or
decrease depending on the changes, if any, you
have made to your wedding plan. If the final
price is too high then we will work with you to
reduce the cost where possible.

The Final Bridal Checklist is our master list
from which we will place orders with external
suppliers, and make table stationery and

Scan and email your legal paperwork to us 6
weeks before the wedding so we can check it
before you arrive.

Arrival in Cyprus

You will be informed of your pre-wedding meet-
ing date before you arrive.
We will pick you up from your hotel and take
you to the Town Hall to apply for your marriage

We will then go to the reception venue to meet
with the venue manager to run through the
wedding arrangements & confirm timings /details

You will meet with Lee or James our
photographers to discuss the photos.
Finally if you are having hair & makeup trials
we will take you to the salons for these
Now you can relax and enjoy your holiday!

Your Wedding Day

All the planning is over & the big day has

We will be with you throughout the day making
sure everything runs smoothly. You will
normally have 2 wedding planners with
you plus a photographer or two!

During the day we will be busy with numerous jobs:

  • Delivering the flowers
  • Decorating the venue
  • Helping with your dress
  • Organising transport
  • Assisting guests
  • Meeting and directing external suppliers
  • Dealing with the venue staff
  • Making sure we stick to the schedule

Above all we will do our utmost to give you a
fabulous and memorable wedding day!


Unfortunately couples sometimes have to
cancel their wedding in Cyprus for a variety of

You can protect yourself against unforeseen
circumstances by taking out wedding insurance.
Our initial deposit is non-refundable.
Please read the terms & conditions page of the

We understand that things can happen. If you
need to rearrange the wedding date for any
reason we will do our best to accommodate
any changes.