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Professional Photographer Paphos

I want to talk to you about photography and the importance of hiring a Professional Photographer based in Paphos. I make no apologies for the comments below as it is a subject I feel very strongly about. There are many excellent photographers in Cyprus, but unfortunately there are also some who class themselves as professionals but they are anything but! Please take our advice as we know who the good ones are. We don’t insist that you use our photographers as you have the right to choose, however we would highly recommend that you do use James Morrall or Lee Stevens as we know they are both excellent fully trained professionals, and we are used to working with them which helps immensely to make your day run smoothly. Photography is the most important part of your wedding day after the wedding itself, and it is important to get it right! As an experienced wedding planner there are some comments that send a shudder of horror down my spine:-

‘I know someone with a good camera’

‘We are going to let a friend do it to keep the cost down’

‘We are just going to let guests take photos’

‘We have an Iphone’

If you are going to do any of the above I guarantee you will be disappointed! Your photos are the only lasting memory of your wedding day and if they don’t turn ou well your memory will be ruined.

Photography may seem an expensive part of your day, but bear these points in mind.

Your photographer has spent thousands of hours training to be a photographer, and has photographed many weddings before.

He will have 2 or 3 cameras with him on the day costing hundreds or thousands of pounds each, he will carry multiple lenses also costing hundreds, flash guns, memory cards and other technical kit. If anything fails he has a backup.

He pays for insurance, transport, computers, editing software and so on.

He is used to working in hot weather!

He meets you before the wedding to put you at your ease, he spends up to 10 hours with you on the wedding day from the bride getting ready right through to sunset and the first dance.

He spends many more hours after the wedding editing and preparing your images.

He then meets you again after the wedding to show you your photos and give you all the photos on either a memory stick or DVD.

He knows how the day flows as he has done it many times before.

He knows where to look and when, where to stand, how to compose a shot and execute it brilliantly,and how to work in tricky lighting – bright sunlight, shade and dark rooms.

He can walk into a room and know exactly where to take the best shot.

He can deal with stressed brides, groups of guests and the high emotions of a wedding day. This all takes years of experience – this is what you are paying for.

We have two professional photographers – James Morrall and Lee Stevens and they will be delighted to capture your wedding memories for you. Our Professional Photographer Paphos is here to make sure your special day is recorded forever. I have asked James and Lee to introduce themselves to you and also show a selection of their photos.

You can see photos by James Morrall by clicking here: James Morrall photographs

You can see photos by Lee Stevens by clicking here: Lee Stevens photographs