Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions – Please read these carefully

Our initial deposit of 500 Euros is payable once you have accepted our estimate (which will be sent to you by post) and your names and wedding details have been registered with the appropriate Town Hall or Church and the venue bookings have been confirmed. This payment must be made Lyntic Ltd which is our registered limited company name, we trade as Paphos Wedding Company. In some cases a larger deposit will be requested where we have to pay a deposit in excess of 500 Euros to secure a venue booking. You may elect to pay this additional deposit directly to the venue concerned.  Some Cyprus wedding suppliers are not Vat registered as their income falls below the Vat threshold. In order to avoid having to add Vat to the cost of their services we may ask you to make payment for these services in cash directly to the supplier – we will handle the actual payment to the supplier on the day for you.

In the unlikely event that you may need to cancel your wedding we will try whenever possible to make alternative arrangements and/or change the date of the booked wedding.

The initial deposit is non-refundable.

Generally 40% of the total cost of the wedding must be paid no later than 9 months prior to the wedding date. A differing schedule of payments can be agreed at our discretion.

The final payment must be made in cleared funds no later than 6 weeks prior to the wedding date.

Wedding Cancellation Fees

All cancellations must be submitted to Paphos Wedding Company in writing either by mail or email & will be effective from our date of receipt. It is recommended that you take out a travel and wedding insurance as soon as you book the wedding and holiday in order to protect yourself.

The following cancellation fees will apply-

If cancelling within 12 months of the wedding 25% of the total cost of the wedding

If cancelling within 9 months of the wedding 40% of the total cost of the wedding

If cancelling within 6 months of the wedding 60% of the total cost of the wedding

If cancelling within 3 months of the wedding 80% percent of the total cost of the wedding

If cancelling within 1 month of the wedding 100% of the total cost of the wedding.

We do operate a resale and refund policy. As soon as you cancel your wedding we will make the date available to other customers. If we are able to book a wedding on that date then we may offer you a refund of the withheld money minus the original deposit and any additional costs incurred by us. There is no guarantee that we can rebook the date and refunds made will be at our discretion. We make this offer as a goodwill gesture to our customers and our decision on this matter is final.

Supplier Cancellation

The wedding package agreed with us will contain elements that are satisfied by external suppliers, such as photography, DJ, videography & flowers. These are costs that we have to pay on your behalf to external suppliers for their goods & services. If you subsequently cancel elements of your wedding that were in the originally agreed package then we reserve the right to charge cancellation fees which will be passed on to relevant suppliers. The following fees will apply:-

DJ – 50 Euros

Photographer 40% of the photography fees

Videographer 40% of the photography fees

Florist – 80% of the flower costs if cancelled within 3 weeks of the wedding

Legal Paperwork

You are responsible for ensuring that you have all the correct travel documents including passports and visas and any other documents required in order for you to travel to Cyprus.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have all the correct legal paperwork required for a legal marriage to take place in Cyprus.

Paphos Wedding Company cannot be held responsible for any wedding cancellations due to ‘acts of nature’ , war or terrorism,strikes, or failure of airlines as per standard guidelines in any Tour Operator brochure.