Cyprus Weddings Legal Issues

It is straightforward for British and Irish citizens to get married in Paphos, Cyprus, and the marriage will be completely legal in the UK and Ireland. There are however, a number of criteria that by Cyprus Law you must meet before the marriage can take place.

You can choose to have a civil wedding ceremony or you can elect to have either an Anglican or Catholic Church ceremony. Catholic couples who elect to have a church ceremony must also have the civil ceremony before the church service. it is also now possible for single sex couples to have a Civil Partnership.  If you would like a Symbolic Ceremony or Renewal of Vows, no legal paperwork is required.

Both bride and groom must hold a valid 10 year passport

English & Welsh couples must have a Single Status Statutory Declaration prepared by a solicitor. We supply samples of these which you can take to your solicitor as not all solicitors are familiar with the requirements. The rules do vary slightly at each Town hall in the area so it is important that you use our sample documents. If you are not able to obtain a declaration (maybe you are working abroad and not able to get back to the UK) then we are able to take you to the local court to obtain an affidavit for a small fee before we apply for your marriage license – please contact us for further information.

Scottish nationals should obtain a Certificate of No Impediment from the local registry office in place of the Declaration.

Irish Nationals must obtain Freedom to Marry Certificate from the department of foreign affairs in Ireland or the Irish Embassy in the UK. Please note the above certificates are only valid for 3 months so please ensure that they do not expire before your wedding day.

You must bring photocopies of the two witnesses passport with you. You must have the original Decree Absolute document if you are divorced, and if you are Catholic, the marriage annulment. Once you are married the Registrar will keep the original Decree Absolute, so if you think you may need a copy of this in the future, please make sure that you make any required copies before you arrive in Paphos, Cyprus.

If you are a widow or widower, you must supply a death certificate.

If the bride or groom is under 18 years of age, proof of parental consent it required, this must be stamped and signed by a solicitor.

If you have changed your name by Deed Poll, you must bring the Deed Poll document with you.

Birth Certificates for both of you (not required by all Town Halls).

If adopted, please bring your adoption certificate.

You are legally required to have 2 witnesses to your marriage ceremony. If you do not have any guests who can act as witnesses we can provide them for you.

All documents must be the originals, copies will not be accepted. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct papers, failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the wedding for which we cannot be held liable.

Church Weddings

In order to have a Paphos Anglican Church wedding, the church would like either the bride or the groom must have been baptised or possess a christening certificate, although this isn’t compulsory.  Both parties in a Catholic wedding must have a baptismal certificate. it is possible for a non-Catholic to marry a Catholic in a Catholic church, please contact us for details. The paperwork for a Catholic wedding does take longer so the couple should start their Pre-nuptial Inquiry process with their local priest at least 6 months before the wedding.

Non British Nationals

It is possible for people from countries other than the UK and Ireland to marry in Cyprus, and every year we arrange weddings for couples from a wide range of different countries including Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Lebanon, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic, USA and many others. The paperwork requirements for each individual country do differ, and documents from non Greek or English speaking countries will have to be translated into English by a certified translator. Please contact us for full details. Please note that ceremonies are conducted in English so couples must have basic understanding of spoken English. For non English couples we can also arrange for the marriage certificate to be taken to the Ministries in Nicosia to obtain Apostille stamps – this is necessary for countries outside of the Schengen area, and also for British Nationals who live permanently in certain countries.

Document Checking Service

To ensure that there are no legal problems, we must receive copies of all relevant documents 6 weeks before your wedding which will give us sufficient time to check them, If we have any doubts about the documents we will take them to the Town Hall to be checked by the marriage officer to ensure that the documents are acceptable. You must bring all the original documents with you as copies will not be accepted by the Town Halls. It is a good idea to carry these documents with you on the plane, to minimise the risk of them going astray. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct legal paperwork with you, If you fail to bring it the marriage may not take place.

Last Minute Weddings

If you wish to arrange a wedding in Paphos at the last minute we will of course try to fulfill your wishes.

Wedding License Applications

A few days before the wedding we will send your license application form to the appropriate Town Hall so they can prepare your file in advance. Please note that the three Town Halls in Paphos all have slightly different requirements for documents, we will give you the correct advice on the paperwork required – please do not rely on information you see on Facebook!   When you arrive in Paphos, Cyprus your wedding planner will meet you and will then take you to the Town Hall to obtain your special Marriage License.  Both the bride and the groom must attend this meeting. There will be paperwork to sign, and you will need to provide details of your two witnesses, including their passport numbers. If you do not have any witnesses we can provide them for you. Please check all the details on the paperwork you are given at the Town Hall very carefully as this information will go onto your marriage certificate and cannot be easily corrected later. If you are having a Paphos Church wedding (Anglican) then a Certificate of Notification will be issued and you must give this to the Wedding Verger  at your pre-wedding meeting with the church. At the wedding you will be given your marriage certificate immediately after the ceremony. it is possible to request additional copies of the marriage certificate for a small additional charge- please notify us in advance if you require copies.

If you are having a  church wedding you will have an appointment with the   church wedding chaplains and also the minister who will be conducting the ceremony. He will discuss the procedures with you, find out what music you would like, and also learn a little about you so that he can personalise the service for you. Please note your wedding planner will not attend this meeting.