James Morrall

Professional Wedding Photographer – James Morrall

Here are some words of introduction from James Morrall of Morrall Photographic:

Professional Wedding Photographer

Morrall Photographic started in the days of film where every shot mattered.

Based in Paphos on the beautiful island of Cyprus in the heart of the Mediterranean, there is always inspiration and beautiful scenery that inspires artistic creation. The key to my success is my keen eye for the details of every subject matter, with a passion for capturing natural light and an obsession for perfect framing, whilst constantly drawing inspiration from new techniques and methods from capture to final production.

Weddings, especially on the island of love here in Cyprus are a very important part of our portfolio. Capturing your special day is as important to us as it is to you. Our unhurried Cyprus wedding consultations prior to your special day enables us to plan around your schedule of events, ensuring your wedding photographs are just as you dreamed. Our mixture of portrait and photojournalistic style of photography results in beautiful, natural and timeless wedding photos.

Cyprus Wedding photography is a specialist art as it only happens once in a lifetime. We aim to capture not only your most memorable day, but that of your loved ones…frozen it time to cherish forever.

Each look, each smile, each memorable moment in time must be captured, preserved and showcased to convey the joy and sentiment of each and every wedding ceremony.

We don’t just take pictures, we capture dreams.

A selection of pictures taken by James Morrall during the course of Grace & Phils’ wedding in 2014 on St George’s Beach: