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Frequently Asked Questions (page 2)

I am worried about bringing my wedding dress on a plane.
This is understandable as luggage does sometimes go astray. Our advice is to discuss this with your airline before you fly. Some carriers will allow you to take your dress as hand luggage as long as the box is not too big. Most carriers will allow you to carry your dress directly through security to the gate, and if there is no room in the cabin, they will load it directly into the hold of the plane so you can be sure it is on the plane with you. This should be part of your wedding planning - always discuss this with the carrier before you fly, and confirm the arrangements again when you check in. If your luggage does go missing, do not panic, as you are arriving several days before your wedding, there is still time for it to be located and sent to you. If the worst happens we can arrange for you to hire a dress locally. If your dress arrives creased, we can arrange for our professional steam presser to come to your accommodation to press your dress for you.

Can I have my stag or hen night in Paphos?
There are many places you can have an enjoyable hen or stag night, but please donít have it the night before the wedding as you want to enjoy your wedding day. Remember drink measures are larger than in the UK! We will be pleased to assist with arrangements for hen or stag nights as part of our wedding planning service.

How do I arrange accommodation for my guests?
We are happy to give opinions on hotels and their location, and may be able to suggest villas or apartments to rent if you would like self catering accommodation.  In some cases, the hotels allow us to offer special tour operator rates to our wedding couples if the wedding is being held in the hotel. We are not bonded travel agents so do not arrange flights.

Will I need to hire a car?
If you a staying in a villa away from the town you may want to hire a car so that you can see more of the area. Remember to bring your driving licence with you, and you must be over 25.   We drive on the left in Cyprus which makes it very easy for British people, and all road signs are in English.  Please take care when driving, as red lights are not always obeyed, and a lot of local drivers do not routinely use their indicators when turning.  There is a good cheap bus service running along the coastal road from Coral Bay to Paphos, so if you are staying along the coast in this area, you can manage without a car.

We normally supply table decorations for your wedding reception, you can of course choose the colour scheme. Unless you specify otherwise we supply hand made table plans, printed place names, hand made personalised menus, table confetti, wedding favours, table flowers and bubbles all made to match your colour scheme. Examples of wedding favours can be seen on our Extra Touches page. We can also supply table runners, chair bows, lanterns, bag lights balloon displays, candelbras, plant stands, candles and many other items.

Can we have entertainment at the wedding reception?
This will depend on the venue, we can arrange either a DJ or live musician, a photoboth or maybe you would like a display of traditional Cypriot dancers and an entertainer or bouncy castle to keep the children happy?

What about my hair and makeup?
We can arrange for you to have hair, makeup and manicure, with or without a trial. We use Joanna for all our wedding hairstyles, unlike many hairdressers she has a lot of experience of putting up hair for weddings. Gina our makeup artist is very experienced and knows how to apply makeup that will look good in the photos and not come off in the heat! Hair and makeup trials take place in the salons, on the day of the wedding Joanna & Gina come to your accommodation. If you would also like the bridesmaids and mums hair and makeup done this can also be arranged.

Will we meet the photographer?
wedding palnning

We will arrange for you to meet James or Lee our company photographers before the wedding to discuss the procedure and your reqirements for your wedding day. Both are professionally trained and have many years of experience. They will normally take a series of pictures before the ceremony, at the church/town hall/hotel and also at the reception after your wedding. We also offer bridal preparation and sunset photos. After the wedding we can also offer a trash the dress or rural photoshoot. Due to lack of demand we no longer supply wedding albumsunless you specifically ask for them. As standard we offer a memory stick containing full size JPG images of all photos taken during the day, generally over 300 images. You can then print, copy and email these photos as often as you wish. We also arrange a professional wedding video for you.

Is the language a problem?
Greek is the national language of Cyprus, but English is almost universally spoken particularly in the Paphos area.  Staff in restaurants, hotels, banks and all government departments  speak English, road signs are in English, so if you don’t speak any Greek this is not a problem.

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