Church Weddings

Church Weddings in Cyprus

We can arrange both Anglican and Catholic Church weddings for you here in Cyprus. We find that Anglican weddings are the most popular and easiest to arrange. It isn’t necessary to have your Banns read before the wedding as is the case in the UK. Anglican weddings can take place in any local churches and also at selected wedding venues. The church approves a variety of different venues, including hotels, beaches and private venues too. If your dream is to have a wedding outside in the sun, we are able to arrange this for you.  It is possible to have an Anglican wedding if either or both the bride and groom have been divorced.

Catholic church weddings are a little more complicated to arrange as  each couple must go through the prenuptial enquiry process with  their local priest. You should allow 6 months to complete this process and the necessary paperwork.  Catholic weddings can only take place in a church and must be preceded by a civil ceremony. This can take place in one of the local Town Halls either on the morning of the wedding day or the day before whichever you prefer.

St George’s Chapel – Church Wedding Venue

This is an extremely popular venue for both Anglican or a  Catholic church weddings. Early booking is essential in order to secure your chosen date. This beautiful modern chapel is located in an elevated position next to St Georges Hotel in Chloraka with a glimpse of the sea in the background. The chapel has stunning decorative frescoes covering the entire inside of the chapel and can hold up to 30 seated guests. It can hold no more than 40 people comfortably so is ideal for the smaller wedding parties. Catholic services are held on Monday and Tuesday, and Anglican services on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Bear this in mind when agreeing your wedding date.


St Paul’s Pillar Church Wedding Venue

This Byzantine style church was built around the 13th century and is a very popular venue for both an Anglican and Catholic Church Wedding ceremony. Known in Cyprus as Ayia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa it is steeped in history. The church is surrounded by the ancient ruins and mosaics of previous churches  providing a stunning setting for wedding photographs. The church can hold up to 110 guests so is ideal for the bigger weddings. Anglican services are held on Monday & Tuesday, and Catholic services on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week.


St Nicholas Chapel

This iconic white and blue chapel is in a stunning location right by the sea in the heart of the tourist area close to the hotels. It is the perfect location for those stunning beach photos with this beautiful chapel in the background . It is the iconic image of a blue roofed church by the sea for  a wedding virtually on the beach. The chapel was built by a local construction company as a gift to the community. The church is surprisingly large inside and can easily hold a party of 50-60 guests comfortably, but if you do have a bigger party there is room for guests to stand at the back. There is an additional 200 Euro hire fee payable to the Greek Orthodox Church who donate this to local charities. If you want a combination of a beautiful church coupled with a sandy beach and the blue Mediterranean then this venue definitely has it all!


Hotel Chapels for a Church Wedding

A number of local hotels have chapels in their grounds which can also be used for  small church weddings, please ask for further details.

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