Guests Spend Over £300 Per Wedding

There is much publicity about how expensive organising a wedding can be for the bride and groom. However, little is reported about how much guests end up shelling out on their friend or relative’s special day.

Well, according to recent research from American Express, they are likely to spend an average of £303 on each wedding this year, with 32 per cent attending at least one nuptial in 2018.

In fact, UK adults are likely to go to three weddings over the next few months, which means they will be spending nearly £1,000 on gifts, hotels, travel, outfits, hen or stag dos, hair and beauty.

Maggie Boyle, director at American Express, said: “There are few greater honours than being asked to celebrate a couple’s wedding day, whether you’re part of the bridal party or a guest.”

She went on to say: “However, the costs can still mount up, especially if the invitations are arriving thick and fast.”

Ushers and bridesmaids spend the most on their loved one’s Big Day, shelling out £553 and £462 respectively.

While hen and stag dos can end up costing a lot, as well as travel and accommodation, guests are also using a lot of their spare cash on the wedding gift, with an average spend of £57 for each couple.

One way to avoid your friends spending a lot on your special day is by arranging a wedding package in Cyprus. You could either keep your guest list extremely small to avoid many loved ones having to pay for flights, or you could book a package that provides food and accommodation for some of your invitees.