Getting Married Next Summer? What Should You Think About Now?

If you’ve recently got engaged and have your hearts set on tying the knot next summer, there are a few things you should finalise now, before time slips away from you.

The Huffington Post suggested five things to sort out in the coming months to ensure your 2018 summer wedding is everything you want it to be.

Top of the list is your budget. The website explained that you need to know how much you can spend before you start looking at any other details. After all, you don’t want to look at options that you can’t afford only to be disappointed.

Next up is your venue and wedding date. It’s well known that venues get booked a long way in advance, so organising this in good time is essential.

If you’re looking at Paphos weddings, booking early will not only give you time to plan but also mean your guests can start searching for flights, accommodation and even booking time off work to attend your big day.

Another thing to start thinking about at this stage is the theme for your wedding – you may want to take inspiration from the venue, or even check out the top wedding trends of 2017. Personalising the big day was a big theme this year, according to Pinterest, with many couples picking unusual food and drink combos for their celebrations.

You may also want to choose your best man and maid of honour at this point in your wedding planning too. According to the Huffington Post, they can be a great help with planning and organising ahead of your nuptials and the earlier you get them involved, the better.

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